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Zion National Park is a photographers dream as it provides a destination for impressive photography. Even the casual photographer going to Zion as a vacation has the opportunity to take multitudes of photographs of the family and self in surroundings never seen by most. The rich environment of Zion is something to record to enjoy time and time again as I did with my children. My Zion National Park picture collection began early 1990 by taking a small digital camera through Zion flash floods, snow storms, lightning storms, bright sunny days and into the dark bowls of Zion's magnificent slot canyons, backpack trails, hiking trails and a climbing expeditions I never want to repeat as I was sure I would die there. Follow me on a photo tour of magnificent Zion National Park and the great Zion area called East Zion with a wealth of its own photographic mountains, streams, pictographs and slot canyons. I am Tanya and sole author of this entire site but have hiked with others to share their photos and any contributions they offered to me freely with no strings attached as I leave this entire site to only what I birthed five times as my loved children.

Zion National Park pictures

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Zion Narrows pictures
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Zion National Park pictures

Photo: Author of ZionNational-Park
I am a longtime local of Southern Utah and wrote ZionNational-Park to share with my children to begin exploring Zion with them starting when they were just infantile and the joy of my life then, now and always


Pictures of Zion National Park

Photo: ZionNational-Park sole author
seen here in Telephone Canyon of Zion National Park
If you're thinking of joining the world of canyoneering, be ready to lug a wetsuit up steep mountains, swim in dirty, contaminated ice cold water, climb up and down boulders, scale slick rocks with no hand hold and slide down ropes where a slight error results in a tragic fall to death. Luckily for most of you there are tamer slots in park, such as the Zion Narrows.


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Photo Tips - In Zion National Park, lighting is a challenge as the sun moves over the giant monoliths. Try shooting early in the day or using the shadows to create an artistic mood in the photo. With a digital camera the sky is often washed out and blends with the white mountain tops. Avoid times of the day when the sun shines directly on the tops of the mountains to help correct this.


I am the sole author of this site ZionNational-Park and grew up and lived in the Zion National Park area most of my adult life. I spent a great deal of my early adulthood hiking in Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Cedar Breaks to enjoy this incredible place where I live and work starting early 1990. Please enjoy the information I have provided here. All credit goes to my children who are loved more than Earth itself by me.


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Mt. Carmel Jct.

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Bryce Canyon 60
Grand Canyon 85
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Grand Staircase 9
Dixie Forest 22
Sand Dunes 11
Coyote Butte 57
Red Canyon 47
Tuweep 90

Stay in the heart of the parks, Mount Carmel Junction, and visit the treasures of the Southwest and Utah.

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